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About Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts Horse Fund is committed to the Protection and Preservation of Mustangs and Wild Horses in North America through, action, education, awareness and conservation.

Our Goals: To educate, inspire and promote action that will ensure the humane treatment and long-term preservation of endangered North American Mustangs and Wild Horses, through awareness, education, land conservation, species reclassification and Mustang / Wild Horse Relocation & Guardian Programs.

Wild Hearts Horse Fund is a proud to be a member of the American Wild Horse Preservation coalition with over 10 million supporters

Board Members & Advisors

Ilse Kreimes - President & Executive Director
Ilse Kreimes was born in Europe and immigrated to Canada. Her diversified background includes community services, entertainment, eco- tourism and corporate sales & marketing.

She has a strong, ethical, corporate history in client relations, sales, marketing, advertising, and creative development.  Her professional expertise spans over 25 years and has been refined working for blue chip companies such as American Express.  In addition, she was Vice President of Sales & Marketing for one of the world's largest corporate travel management consortia. Her clients included many Fortune 500 companies, such as AT&T, Microsoft, Mobil Oil, Motorola, Toshiba etc.

Ilse's sense of social responsibility has lead to numerous voluntary advisory and board positions. Her focus is on humanitarian, environmental, and animal welfare issues for non-profit, governmental and community organizations both locally and internationally. One such organization recently won an environmental achievement award.

Her life changed profoundly while in Costa Rica with her young daughter. Avid animal lovers, they witnessed a group of locals and their vicious dogs tormenting an injured, wild horse and it’s foal for amusement. She tried in vain but could not save them from their frenzied attackers. Since that day, her determination to help wild horses and educate the public to their plight has become a mission. Ilse is also a proud Mustang owner.

The late Gary Convery, a compassionate horse gentler, trainer and advocate for natural horsemanship taught Ilse to understand and respect Mustangs by studying their natural herd behaviour. He reinforced her beliefs that Mustangs play a critical role in the foundation stock of all horses and we must do everything possible to protect them, to ensure that this valuable gene pool is not lost forever due to random extermination of the species.

Favourite Quote: “Never doubt that a small dedicated group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has”. -- Margaret Mead, Anthropologist

Lynne Moorehead - Vice President
Lynne Moorhead is the Manager of the Legal Department for Four Seasons Hotels Inc., worldwide. She oversees and maintains corporate records for over 160 corporations in 28 different countries. Lynne’s responsibilities include compliance and public company reporting with various regulatory agencies, administration of their Employee Stock Option Plan and corporate liaison to numerous local counsels for their foreign jurisdictions. She recently assisted in the development of new stock option software, which has since been successfully implemented. In addition Lynne administers the North American employee relocation home loan program.  

Prior to joining Four Seasons Hotels Inc. Lynne honed in on her legal skills while at Goodmans LLC in the areas of Finance & Banking Law and with the Acktion Corporation now known as Morguard Corporation, a public real estate investment firm.

Lynne’s childhood passion for horses resurfaced several years ago when she rescued a badly neglected, forlorn 12-year-old chestnut Thoroughbred / Quarter Horse mare destined for slaughter with no name, referred to only as “The Skinny One”. She now proudly calls her “helsea”. This rescued horse turned out to be a highly trained ex dressage and show horse someone had discarded. Her latest addition “Hercules” is a regal 7-year-old black “Canadian Horse” gelding who is currently in dressage training with the very talented coach Annaliese Farber. Both horses are Lynne’s pride and joy. Lynne also spent several years assisting in the gentling of an associate’s Mustang. She is an active trail rider and member of the Ontario Equine Federation and Cheval Canadian Horse Association. Lynne is pleased to join Wild Hearts Horse Fund in the capacity of Vice President and brings with her an abundance of corporate legal expertise and practical horse womanship.

Kim Morgan-Deriet - Advisor
Kim, well known for her quality Egyptian, Anglo Arabians, Sporthorses and their championships in the show ring and in long distance competitions brings with her many years of coaching and equine related experience. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Equine Federation and has helped many horses in need, recently adopting three formerly wild excess Mustang mares in foal ... which are now comfortably residing at her 100 acre equine facility, Magik Morn Arabians ...where she teaches horsemanship, hosts holidays on horseback and works with youth related equestrian programs... full bio coming soon.

Sarah Black - Advisor
Sarah is our Mustang Gentler and Natural Horsemanship advocate and loves spending time with horses in vast open spaces. She is the director of Equine Sense Healing Arts for Horse & Rider. She recently moved to Ontario from Western Canada where she spent years as a manager, wrangler, trainer and eco tour guide for Steel Dust Ranch in British Columbia, responsible for the welfare and training of more than 80 head of range horses including many ungentled Canadian Mustangs. She has a natural ability working with and understanding wild horses and their herd behaviour ...In addition Sarah is an accomplished Dressage rider and has won at many shows... Full bio coming soon

Meghan Balogh - Advisor
Meghan is an avid horse lover, photographer, and web designer who is currently studying Barefoot Trimming and Natural Horsemanship... full bio coming soon