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How Wild is a Wild Mustang?

How Wild is a Wild Mustang? Imagine losing your freedom and being separated from your family and friends.

When a wild horse is captured from the wild, it may have never encountered humans and has learned to survive, as a prey animal by it's instinct of flight or fight and belonging to a herd for safety. They are not accustomed to people. They are naturally afraid of us and confined spaces. They react by instinct to protect themselves from perceived danger. These horses are not suitable for the inexperienced and are not like a domestic horse, which is accustomed to handling.

With time, kindness and patience, they can be gentled and trained for many uses. Wild horses have become champions and some excel in dressage, barrel racing, jumping, endurance racing, and pleasure riding. They are best known for their sure-footedness, strength, and endurance. Young animals gentle more quickly than older ones. Not to say an older Mustangs can’t be trained it just takes more time.