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Wild Hearts Horse Fund is a proud member of The American Wild Horse Preservation Coalition.

The AWHPC Coalition is part of the National Wild Horse and Burro Planning Group, an ad hoc advisory committee working to formulate and coordinate a national strategy in response to the current crisis.

2 million wild horses once roamed the West; fewer than 25,000 remain ... 26,000 are currently held in government holding pens ... The government plans to round up another 10,000 by fall 2006 ... Cattle outnumber wild horses at least 100 to 1 on public lands ... The removal policy is costing over 39 million tax-dollars a year ... Now a change in the law threatens thousands of wild horses with slaughter…

2004: U.S. Senator Conrad Burns (R-Montana) slips into the 3,300-page federal budget a rider that opens the door to the slaughter of thousands of wild horses. The 1971 Act is eviscerated without so much as a hearing or opportunity for public review.

The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign is dedicated to preserving the American wild horse in viable free-roaming herds for generations to come, as part of our national heritage.

An aggressive wild horse removal campaign is currently under way by the U.S. government, at the cost of millions of taxpayer dollars. The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) removal policy is contrary to the spirit of the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act. The Act was the result of an unprecedented public outcry and unquestionably reflects the will of the American people; its intent was to preserve wild horses and burros as part of our national heritage.

Over the past 30 years, under pressure from special interest groups and in blatant disregard of the public’s wishes, the BLM has systematically favored subsidized livestock grazing on public lands to the detriment of wild horse populations. The Burns Amendment was the last nail in the coffin of federal wild horse protection, opening the door to the slaughter of thousands of these living symbols of our Nation’s spirit. A few months later, while in the process of rounding up another 10,000 horses supposedly due to poor range conditions, BLM eased public land grazing restrictions for private cattle.

We are calling for a Congressional review of the government’s wild horse management policies and coordinating a grassroots campaign in support of H.R. 297 and S. 576, which would restore the prohibition on the commercial sale and slaughter of wild horses and burros.

In addition to supporting H.R. 297 and S. 576, our goal is to obtain:

  • the review of scientific findings that contradict BLM's claims of wild horse overpopulation and negative impact on the range;
  • a moratorium on round-ups until actual numbers of wild horses and burros on public lands have been independently assessed; and
  • implementation of in-the-wild management, which would save millions of tax-dollars.

Please take action now.

The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign is supported by a broad-based coalition of public interest groups, environmentalists, humane organizations and historical societies representing over 10 million supporters. Spearheaded by Return To Freedom in the summer of 2004 after a preliminary investigation into some of

Nevada's Herd Management Areas, it was conceived as a campaign, as opposed to a new group, specifically to allow its participants to present a united front for the horses' sake; it is not a fundraising operation, but a unifying tool with a firm grassroots base.

At this critical juncture, we encourage the public and the media to draw from the continually updated information and research found on this site to help in our efforts to raise awareness of the plight of the American wild horse.

The AWHPC Coalition includes:

  • U.S. Public Interest Research Group
  • Humane Society of the United States
  • International Ecotourism Society
  • Center for Environmental Education and Information
  • American Wild Horse Sanctuary (Return to Freedom)
  • Old West Living History Foundation
  • American Humane Association
  • Heritage Discovery Center
  • Wild Horse Observers Association
  • Public Lands For Public Use
  • American Horse Defense Fund
  • Equine Tourism
  • Wild Horse & Burro Freedom Alliance
  • Utah Environmental Congress
  • Wild Horse Preservation League
  • American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • Int'l Society for the Protection of Mustangs & Burros
  • Cascadia Wildlands Project
  • Society for Animal Protective Legislation
  • The Cloud Foundation
  • Forest Guardians
  • National Horse Protection Coalition
  • American Mustang and Burro Association
  • Vaquero Heritage Foundation
  • Wild Horse Spirit
  • Equine Advocates
  • International Fund for Horses
  • Wind Flyers Mustang Sanctuary
  • Living Legends Magazine
  • Animals Voice
  • Colonial Spanish Horse
  • Wild Burro Rescue & Preservation Project
  • National Student Horse Protection Coalition
  • Wild Hearts Horse Fund

Viggo Mortensen speaks out on behalf of our wild horses: watch his PSA.

Copyright © 2004-2005 AWHPC. All rights reserved.
Reproduction authorized solely for educational purposes,
provided www.wildhorsepreservation.org is credited as source.

Help us save what is left of America's wild horses.

North America’s Wild Mustangs Could Be Lost Forever
How many of us will ever forget the breathtaking image of a galloping herd of wild horses better known as “Mustangs” lead by a magnificent and spirited stallion? Young and old alike admire these horses, their beauty, intelligence and stamina the freedom they represent, and their struggle for survival.  Wild horses have served us for centuries and were originally our only source of transportation. Since the inception of the automobile their numbers have drastically declined. Mustangs are an integral part of our history and culture. Now it’s our turn to protect them and ensure they are not lost forever.

How many of us are aware of the danger that these proud majestic animals face today? 
There were once over 2 million wild mustangs roaming through out North America. Today they are diminishing at an alarming rate less than 27,000 remain in the wild, representing a mere 2%.

What is an Excess Mustang? Any Mustang or wild horse captured by the BLM over the age of ten or animals not adopted after three times, are considered by the U.S. Government to be excess. Currently there are more than 8,400 excess Mustangs in government holding pens waiting to be disposed of in the most economical fashion.

Did You Know! Wild Mustangs are still classified as invasive species or vermin. They are not recognized as a species worth protection. Their numbers are diminishing at an alarming rate. Like all wildlife, they too are innocent victims of hunting, habitant loss, politics, greed, urbanization and human encroachment.

Wild Horses and Mustangs are in desperate need of your help.
Their long-term survival depends on it.

Wild Hearts Horse Fund believes in preservation and conservation, not elimination. Together we can make a difference.

How? By Supporting Wild Hearts Horse Fund.

When you Support Wild Hearts Horse Fund it isn’t just about charity - it’s about your alliance with nature and your commitment to help preserve the future of Mustangs and Wild Horses for you and your family for generations to come.

Your personal, professional or corporate donation, sponsorship, bequest, cause marketing campaign or community fundraiser can help Wild Hearts Horse Fund achieve its mission.

Mission: Wild Hearts Horse Fund is committed to the Protection and Preservation of Mustangs and Wild Horses through, action, education, awareness and conservation.

Mandate: To educate, inspire and promote action that will ensure the humane treatment and long-term preservation of Mustangs and Wild Horses in jeopardy, through international awareness, education, land conservation, species reclassification and adoption programs.

Our Long Term Goals:

  1. To secure funding for a Mustang Education Centre and Wild Horse Sanctuary
  2. To acquire and relocate wild horses ("Mustangs") in jeopardy
  3. Create, manage and maintain sustainable natural habitats known as "Wild Horse Sanctuaries" through the purchase or lease or acquisition of suitable property and grazing lands for the development of WHHF Sanctuaries
  4. To provide and humanely care for WHHF Wild Horses and Mustangs
  5. Interactive community, business and educational initiatives
  6. Ongoing Global Public Awareness & Educational initiatives
  7. Purchase, lease, acquire property, grazing lands for WHHF Sanctuaries
  8. Conserve WHHF Sanctuaries for long term viability and ensure healthy eco systems within
  9. Release Mustangs on the Wild Hearts Horse Fund’s protected “Wild Horse Sanctuaries” to live out their lives in a natural environment
  10. Maintain natural wild horse herd structures and controlled population
  11. Rescue, Adoption, Sponsorship & Foal fostering programs
  12. Ongoing Mustang education and wild horse gentling clinics and seminars
  13. Encourage public and special interest /educational groups to study and learn about Mustangs in their natural habitants.

Please, get involved today, so you too can help preserve this threatened Species for generations to come. We look forward to developing specific programmes that will meet your needs and help protect these magnificent wild Mustangs. Donations and volunteers always welcome. Donations can be sent to:

Wild Hearts Horse Fund
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
CIBC Branch 02842
Account # 0974331

“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.” - Charles Darwin