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News Releases

WebWire.com: Wild Hearts Horse Fund Saves 33 Wild Mustangs from Economical Disposal (02/24/06)
Last year, you may recall reading the following printed matter, “...July 29, 2005, the U.S. Department of Interior issues a letter to the press, pleading for help in caring for mustangs, Wild Horses and Burros Need Your Help ….. Horse lovers have the knowledge and resources to help resolve this crisis. Now is the time to do it.” Wild Hearts Horse Fund (“Wild Hearts”) an organization committed to the protection and preservation of Mustangs and Wild Horses. . .read more

Horse Care Magazine: Wild Hearts saves 33 Mustangs (02/27/06)
Thirty-three wild Mustangs from the United States were saved from certain death thanks to the efforts of Wild Hearts Horse Fund (“Wild Hearts”), an organization recently formed by Canadian, Ilse Kreimes of Newcastle, Ontario and Alaskan, Janet Burts to protect and preserve Mustangs and other wild horses. . .read more

DurhamRegion.com: Wild Horses Make Historical Arrival in Canada (02/28/06)
You'd never know, to watch the two mustangs eat from Richard Rock's hand, that the horses were wild. Only their timidity, a mild skittishness when strangers approach, belies the fact that the two pregnant mares have had little human contact until their arrival on Canadian soil in late February. . .read more

Toronto Star: Saved From Slaughter (03/04/06)
This is a story about amour: of a girl for horses -- wild mustangs -- and for the romance of the cowboy life, now long gone. It's about a threatened species struggling for survival against all odds and a Durham Region woman -- that girl of long ago -- rescuing 33 wild American mustangs facing certain death...read more