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Wild Hearts Saves 33 Mustangs

As printed in Horse Care Magazine - February 27, 2006

Thirty-three wild Mustangs from the United States were saved from certain death thanks to the efforts of Wild Hearts Horse Fund (“Wild Hearts”), an organization recently formed by Canadian, Ilse Kreimes of Newcastle, Ontario and Alaskan, Janet Burts to protect and preserve Mustangs and other wild horses.

Deemed un-adoptable, the horses were slated for disposal by a recent law passed by the US Congress.

Appealing to The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Wild Hearts succeeded in a cross boarder transfer and on February 19th the horses, mostly pregnant mares, were transported to safety in Ontario. The herd represents the single largest group of branded Wild Mustangs ever to touch Canadian soil.

With the help of Cannington Horse Rescue, Wild Hearts pre-arranged adoptive homes for the majority of the horses. However, several of the Mustangs have not yet been placed due to special needs.

“These Mustangs are in need of help and are available for sponsorship and eventual adoption," said Kreimes. "Many more, still in the States desperately need good qualified homes or a sanctuary where they could be protected and run free once again.”

For more information contact Wild Hearts Horse Fund at 905-987-4558.